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  • By providing insightful content, great services, amazing events, and a global community that is wonderfully matched to your interests, YOGANECT is a unique spot with lots of benefits for you, and anyone who would love to be part of a global yoga movement.

  • yoganect is more than a social network

  • We want you to experience a special bond, share the most beautiful moments of your life, inspire others to explore and experience the yoga lifestyle...and most importantly, to meet and connect with new lifelong friends..






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  • We would like to say "Thank You" by inviting you, our supporters, partners and friends to join our special yoga events that will take place in US (LAX & NYC) and in Europe. Come together with us, meet inspiring yoga teachers, musicians and photographers, celebrate yoga & just have an amazing time. We welcome everyone to join and support our Social Network for Yoga and enjoy our spectacular events.
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  • As yoganect is a newly emerging social platform and it will attract lots of people, we decided to let our supporters reserve their own unique & lifelong username, which will also be your personal domain: yoganect.com/username. So there won't be any useless T-shirts, cups or any other material objects as a reward. Instead, you will receive a timeless gift & an exclusive experience.

Enjoy 6-month unlimited free online yoga access


Receive your FREE ticket for our yoga event


Get your own unique & lifelong username

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  • Our app allows you to access your yoga network at all times. Instantly chat with fellow yogis and contact event hosts, book your next yoga event, share your favorite yoga moments and experiences On-The-Go, find new friends, meet new teachers or follow your favorite one, enjoy unlimited access to yoga knowledge, endless ideas, concepts and trends and MUCH MORE….

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  • Be a part of something larger than yourself with people who share your interests, aspirations and dreams. By attending yoga festivals, retreats and teacher trainings, you will experience special bonds based on mutual trust and human connections within a shared experience.

    Our goal is to strengthen your gained experiences, accompany you along the way of making new friends and recording your memories.

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  • There is wonderful group energy in yoga class, when everyone is moving in unison, feeling present in the moment and transitioning to the next level. Share the most beautiful moments of your yoga journey.

  • Inspire others

  • ''Honor your body. Let go of things that no longer serve you. Breathe. Be present. Laugh. Be the best version of yourself every day. Accept & be patient. Trust the process.'

    Yoga teaches us to be a better person & lets us enjoy a wonderful & healthy lifestyle based on mindful & human principles. Inspire others to explore and experience your yoga lifestyle, share your views, opinion and aspirations.

  • Connect to yoga

  • Through yoga we learn that everything we should need or want is already within us. Yoga brings millions of people together to cultivate compassion for others, live a mindful, better quality life and find peace.

    Be a part of a mindful movement and connect to yoga!

  • Why yoganect?

  • Unlike other social networks that are designed to collect and process our most private online activities for advertising and data mining purposes, yoganect is designed for your favorite passion - yoga. Take a look at the best features that we have developed for you to benefit from:

Friend Finder

By joining YOGANECT you will enjoy an immediate source of friends, old and new and potential best friends! All sharing your interests and aspirations.

Idea Identifier

The chances are high that someone within your network has turned his or her interest, passion or hobby into a career. Get inspired and learn how they started a career out of their passion. Create your own future.

Attention & Accessibility

yoganect makes it easier for you to delve into your yoga passion and provides full access to all the necessary resources to deepen your knowledge & practice. Your timeline feed will no longer be filled with irrelevant things or ads. Instead it will feature inspiring & attention-grabbing topics that you enjoy.

Natural Network

yoganect enables you to network with other people such as yoga teachers, coaches, photographers and even with companies that share your interests. Networking is such an important part of any professionals' agenda. By joining our platform you chose to network and interact with yoga professionals, greatly increasing your options and opportunities to build a large network or turn your passion into your income and live a mindful life.

Complementary Coaching

Regardless of how much you know about yoga, you can always learn more. Where better to educate yourself for free than in a community populated with yoga teachers and other inspiring yoga professionals. Enjoy unlimited access to endless ideas, concepts, trends, articles & videos, and other invaluable resources that will accompany you on your way to pursue your goals and personal development.


Investing in your yoga passion and networking with others naturally makes you feel good about yourself. Sharing your interest with your fellow yogis increases its viability while exploring next-level opportunities brings inspiration and confidence.

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  • We are incredibly lucky. Lucky to have a great team of people and fortunate because of the unique nature of our project. Each member of our team brings individual skills and adds a personal touch to the project by creating a powerful combination. Our goal is to bring this project into life with the help of our supporters & direct our passion to address the challenges of our fellow yogis and make a difference in the world.


Combining innovation, entrepreneurship, and finance to improve the world. With over 10 years of experience in financing and funding, and now using it to keep yoganect started & keep it up and running.


From Yoga Teacher to start-up scene, worked for multiple international teams in IT consulting, successfully launched various software products, a community builder, loves visiting Yoga Festivals.


Tech & product geek with over 10 years of experience in creating and developing innovative technologies. Was one of the youngest founders of a successful German FinTec Startup. Believes that yoga and travel is all about human connection.

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