Are You A Mouth or Nose Breather? Let’s Find Out!
with Julia Reindl

Mouth breathing starts when we can’t get enough air through the nose, so the mouth takes over. This can become a life-long habit. Let’s find out how mouth breathing effects the whole body. This exercise will help you to activate your nose breathing.


Julia Riedl is a speech therapist, mental trainer and yoga teacher who helps people find a new understanding of health according to their own inner truth and helps them to act accordingly! Her path began as a teenager with braces and eventually led her to work as a speech therapist and jaw specialist. Her own doggedness during her studies brought her to burnout in 2013, which ultimately ended up being a great turning point. She studied as a mental trainer and began to look beyond the limits of conventional medicine. Today she is an independent entrepreneur, app developer & mental trainer and works daily together with Reinhard Burits on the further development of Jaw Yoga - the Yoga of the 5th chakra.

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"Jaw Yoga is an exciting scientifically-based trend that not only exercises and relaxes your jaw (which can be very tense for many of us due to stresses of everyday life), but it also teaches you the correct resting position for your tongue. Having an incorrect resting position for your tonguecan be the cause of many problems such as teeth grinding, clenching, snoring, head tensions and jaw stress. This holistic approach, which works on the body and mental level, treats the root causes of jaw stress rather than only the symptoms. Jaw Yoga consists of special asanas for learning the correct resting position of the tongue (Jaw Yoga moves), mindfulness/ consciousness training for handling stress effectively (Jaw Yoga mind), brain training for developing so-called ‘stress intelligence’ (Jaw Yoga brain) and a special nutritional education for a healthy jaw (Jaw Yoga nutrition). Jaw Yoga brings more flexibility into your pelvis (a tensed jaw blocks the fasciae that extend into the pelvis) and balances the 5th chakra (throat chakra) which promotes self-confidence, self-esteem, self-expression and communication. We have developed an app for android and iOS. Meaning that you can easily access 60+ Jaw Yoga exercises at the touch of a button and you can track your progress in the app! Learn more about the Kieferfreund (‚jaw friend‘) app."



Duration: 10 min

Level: Beginner

Language: English

Benefits: Breath Better
Jaw Tention Relief