Jivamukti Yoga
with Stewart Heffernan

An advanced sequence moving into some deep, heart opening postures. Stewart will use and explain hands on assists which you may find useful for poses you are not familiar with. As you set your Intention, experience the freedom that comes from deep back bending.


Stewart discovered yoga initially through his training as an Actor at Drama School. Awareness of breathing more consciously had a profound effect on his life and he has since dedicated his time to exploring every aspect of yoga. Stewart is a certified Jivamukti teacher having gained his 300 hour qualification under the guidance of his dear teachers, Sharon Gannon and David Life, in New York. His initial 200 hour qualification was with yogahaven, London, where he now assists on their Teacher Training Course. Stewart also teaches Vinyasa based classes, workshops and retreats that can accommodate all levels of experience. Stewart has an interest in the practice of Yin yoga and the benefits that can be gained by complimenting this with a more dynamic practice. Awareness of breath, mindful movement and intention hold a strong focus in his classes; all of which is held lightly and playfully.

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Style: Jivamukti

Duration: 21

Level: Advanced

Language: English

Benefits: Body Detox
Core Strength
Spiritual Benefits