Magic Ten
with Linnea Ahlgren

The Magic Ten is a series of 10 simple asanas designed by Sharon Gannon that can be done in about 10 minutes. It can be used either as a practice in and of its own when one is short on time, or as a warm-up sequence for a more extended asana practice or to prepare for seated meditation.


Linnea was born in Uppsala, Sweden, but has since called many places in the world “home.” She is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher who first came to the method in 2010 through its focus on compassion for all beings as a means of liberation. Linnea has a Masters in International Relations but realized early on that the path to true peace must come from within, and today she tries to do her best in some small way to contribute to the collective awakening of the planet. In Linnea’s classes, breath, movement, music, and awareness are joined together to facilitate a direct experience of the present moment, where we can let go of fear-based reactions, and feel connected to the ever-changing current of our lives. She is grateful to all of her teachers, known as unknown, on the mat and off, that has inspired the way she shares this practice. When she is not teaching, Linnea has been known to eat large quantities of pancakes, dreams of opening an animal shelter, speaks four languages fluently, and is truly a nerd/jedi at heart.

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Style: Hatha

Duration: 12 min

Level: Beginner

Language: English

Benefits: Emotional Benefits
Energise Body