Pilates for your stamina
with Amit Younger

This class focuses on the more demanding abdominal exercises appropriate to the intermediate level. Performing these exercises one after the other ups the challenge and improves strength and stamina.


Amit was born and raised in Israel and has lived in London since 2001. He is a one of the founders of yoopod.com and a partner and senior teacher at Pilates Junction Studio in Clapham, London. Amit holds Pilates Teaching Certifications from the renowned Body Arts and Science International (BASI) and from Studio Tamar, one of Israel's leading Pilates studios. Amit was the sole teacher trainer for BASI in the UK from 2005 until 2013 when he decided to change focus and dedicate more time to other ventures. Amit presents classes and workshops regularly in Pilates studios and conferences in the United States, Japan and across Europe. Amit’s main interest and expertise is in working with Pilates teachers to improve their teaching skills and sharpen their methodology and techniques in order to enable them to become better teachers.

Amit comes from the world of Performing Arts. His ten years dance career has taken him all over the globe, performing with various companies. His extensive dance training includes not only Ballet and Modern techniques, but also Pilates, Feldenkrais and other Mind-Body methods. In addition to being a dancer, Amit has performed as a Violinist and has taken part in professional Theatre and Opera productions.

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Duration: 32 min

Level: Intermediate

Language: English

Benefits: Back Pain Reduction
Core Strength
Weight Control