Karkku, Sastamala, Finland

Ashtanga Yoga Summer Retreat - Finland

  • 03:00 pm - 12:12 am

    Jul 29 - 04, 2019

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Yin, Ashtanga






Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced





 •    Daily Ashtanga - Mysore and/or led class     •    Daily Meditation and Pranayama class      •    2 afternoon Yin Yoga and 2 Alignment/Technique Class          •    Daily Vegetarian Brunch and Dinner (buffet) •    1 Sauna with Frantsila Herbal products  •    6 nights accommodation in your choice of room: Twin-Share or 4-person sharing Room Escape to Finland! 

Imagine a week of total surrender into yourself and your practice!  Join us for this Ashtanga Yoga Summer Retreat in Finland -
enjoy the silence of the present moment, the natural beauty of Finnish Nature, and a home away from home in a 16th Century traditional Finnish manor.  
 A yoga retreat is an opportunity for every student to give this precious gift of time away for introspection and freedom from daily routines to develop your practice, cultivate discipline, explore your inner world through meditation, and just be in nature in a dreamlike holiday setting.  Unwind the stresses of your mind and body and allow inner change and healing to unfold in your body, heart and mind.

We start our days with meditation, breath work and Ashtanga Yoga.  Then have a delicious brunch and some free time to explore the gardens, rest, and swim at the lake.   We will end the afternoon with Yin Yoga or Technique/Alignment workshop, meditation, and Yoga Nidra.  Combined with fresh, delicious, lactose-free and nutritious vegetarian food prepared with love and care in the manor’s kitchen, this retreat is a treat to remember.  Treat yourself to a week of yoga, meditation, the beauty of Finnish Nature, sauna and relaxation. Sign up early and avail of the Early-Bird Discount until April 30th.  

 The Practice The focus of this retreat is the practice of the Ashtanga Yoga method as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, and now taught by his grandson, R. Sharath Jois, the Director of KPJAYI, in Mysore, South India.
Each morning we will start the day with meditation and pranayama followed by the Ashtanga Yoga practice.  We will start and end the retreat with a "led class" of the Primary Series and the rest of the mornings we will do Mysore style Ashtanga (self-practice), which is the traditional way of learning Ashtanga (teacher to student).  Mysore classes mean the student practices at their own pace and progress through the asanas as and when they are ready. The teacher will go around the class offering one-on-one attention to each student and adjust when necessary.  You need to know at least the Sun Salutations and the standing postures of Primary Series before coming to the retreat.
In Led classes the teacher guides all students through the Primary Series of Ashtanga following the proper Sanskrit Vinyasa count.  The classes are suitable for all levels, focusing on both practice and philosophy.

 In the afternoons, there will be Yin Yoga classes alternating with Technique/Alignment workshops, and end with Yoga Nidra.  All classes are in English.

All meals are prepared fresh daily by our host Tuuli, and are delicious, lactose-free and nutritious vegetarian food.  In case you have any food allergies,  just let us know when booking and we will take care of it.  **Food is vegetarian (not vegan), we serve cheese and eggs and milk products. The milk products are non-lactose.  Special Non-gluten/Vegan menu is also available, with extra +10e/person/day.  Please inform upon registration. 
 The following meals are included:
    •    Brunch
    •    Dinner



Bela Lipat

KPJAYI Authorized Teacher


  • Week Schedule Mon 29.7.2019
14-16 Arrival at Retreat Center
16.00 Welcome Opening Circle and Gentle Flow
18.30 Dinner and rest

Tues-Sat 30.7- 3.8.2019
7.00 Meditation and Pranayama
8.00 Led Class on first and last day Mysore Practice (please finish your practice by 10.15)
10.30 Brunch and free time
16 - 17.30 Yin Yoga (Tues/Thurs)
            Technique/Alignment Workshop (Wed/Friday)
 17.30 - 18.15 Yoga Nidra (Tues-Friday)
18.30 Dinner and rest

Sun 4.8.2019
7.30 - 9.00 Led Class
9.00 Closing Circle
10.30 Brunch
12noon Departure 
Program times may change slightly.

What's included


4 Mysore classes and 2 Led Ashtanga Class 

2 Yin Yoga afternoon sessions
 2 Technique/Alignment class 
Daily Yoga Nidra - deep relaxation


Daily Pranayama and Meditation



Food & Beverage

**2 vegetarian meals per day (brunch and dinner)
dinner upon arrival
brunch before departure


6 Nights Accommodation in a *room of your choice: Twin Sharing or 4 Person-Sharing

Ashtanga Yoga Summer Retreat - Finland

925 EUR

14 available

6 Nights Accommodation in a *room of your choice: Twin Sharing or 4 Person-Sharing
**2 vegetarian meals per day (brunch ...