Oxfordshire, UK

Mindful Movements, May (UK) with Nick Osipczak

  • May 18 - 19, 2019

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Yoga Experience


Intermediate, Advanced





Mindfulness is moment-to-moment awareness of one’s experience, without judgement Movement is synonymous with life. Lack of movement leads to stagnation, which is the root of dis-ease ​ Mindful Movements is a human development program that combines tried and tested methods from Tai Chi, Yoga and meditation. The goal is to remove limitations and guide the practitioner to become more deeply aware of their fundamental infinite nature. Mindful Movements is designed to help pass on the essence of movement – the common thread which runs through all styles and systems. I educate others to train in a smarter and more efficient manner, with an approach based on balance and longevity. Above all, I want to help people increase their understanding of health, and learn how to train in a sustainable way. An openness to learning and the discipline to practise will guarantee results. ​ The ​Body must be open, strong, balanced, coordinated, flexible, and connected. The Mind must be able to concentrate, focus, relax, project, connect and open. The Spirit will expand as you begin to know yourself on a deeper level of consciousness. ​The breath must be cultivated diligently, as this is what links the body, mind and Spirit together​. Key methodologies: - Learning how to control our minds (instead of being controlled by them) is crucial not only for our physical development, but also for living a peaceful and creative life. “The mind is sovereign and the body is subject”, is a classic saying from Tai Chi. - Moving in slow-motion to gain deeper awareness of anatomy, balance, efficiency and body mechanics. If a movement cannot be performed slowly with control, then how can we expect to execute the movement properly in full speed?! - Strength vs Power. We are interested in becoming more powerful. Muscles only play a small role in power, and are usually very over-stressed by most sports programs. Tendons, ligaments, bones, the nervous system and the fascia system need to be cultivated. We can draw inspiration from the powerful, graceful, mobile and coordinated movements of many animals (who do not carry excessive muscle-mass). - Working with rather than against gravity, to move more efficiently. This requires a more advanced understanding of physical alignment, coupled with the ability to release deep tensions in the body and mind. - Training with a partner, developing sensorimotor skills by connecting and harmonising with them, responding to information gained via touch. Reprogramming ourselves to harmonise with force rather than oppose it. - Standing practise is paradoxically the essence of Mindful Movements. It improves structural alignment, anatomical awareness, patience, proprioception, concentration, the ability to release tension, and grounding. - Goal-setting and goal-attainment strategies makes up a significant portion of our study. Cultivating a mindset conducive to success. - Utilising primary Yoga poses to quickly identify and remedy areas of inflexibility and imbalance in the body. - Using our increased awareness and ability to release tension, along with improved structure and movement to heal existing injuries and prevent further ones. ​ "Movement originates from stillness… to gain a deeper understanding of movement, one has to study stillness!” ​


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Mindful Movements, May (UK) - 2 People


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