Almancil, Portugal

RISE & SHINE - Your Gateway to Wellbeing

  • May 28 - 02, 2019

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Yoga Experience


Prana Flow / Prana Vinyasa Flow, Dance






Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced



Breathe. Connect. Expand. Celebrate. Quality time for you. Quality time to be together and share unforgettable moments. Slow down from the daily bustle, and create room to smooth and balance the internal rhythms. Moments when we do not look at the phone, but at those who are by our side. A holiday dedicated to your wellbeing, to the nourishment of your body and expansion of your consciousness, in a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere, where self-knowledge and celebration come together. A detox of body and mind, contemplating a healthy and conscious diet, Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Ritual, Music, Dance and Movement. All this in deep connection with Nature. This is our proposal. This is Rise & Shine.




At the Rise & Shine retreat, we are delighted to have as our chef, Sónia Dias, aka Padmini, an Alchemist, creative by nature and cook by passion, a Health Coach certified by the Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal. She is the founder of ORINAM, a plant-based kitchen & well-being company that promotes the benefits of healthy, simple, natural and organic food. Padmini loves all learning and exploration on healing foods, looking at different ways in which the body manifests wellness and sickness, and the direct connections to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Passionate about communication and inspired by the transformed lives she had the privilege of witnessing in all retreats and experiences of Injoy, she’s also part of our team as commercial manager and communication lead.



Kalid is an innovative therapist and teacher that dedicates himself to inspiring lives worldwide. Combining the teachings of ancient healing rituals with contemporary therapeutic techniques, his empowering workshops are attended by people from all walks of life. His journey of self-discovery took him to study, learn and practice with many gifted teachers and healers all over the world. With the intention of supporting those searching to awaken to their fullest potential, Kalid generously shares all he has learned with everyone that crosses his path. From Dance to Meditation, Breathwork to Bioenergetics, Shamanism to Sufism, Sweat Lodge to Firewalking, from the Vision Quest to the Amazon Jungle. All these different streams are an inspiration for his work.


Christine May

Christine May is an open-hearted, life-loving experienced Prana Vinyasa Flow® Yoga teacher trainer (e-ryt 500 Yoga Alliance). Prana Vinyasa Flow® is a revolutionary, powerful and transformative branch of Vinyasa Flow Yoga based on Tantric Philosophy, Ayurveda, Bhakti & Somatics (Shiva Rea). She is one of the leading Prana Flow® teacher trainers (Yoga Alliance) in Europe. Through her deep interest in finding the truth, she also trained to be a certified Associate Healing Tao Yoga Instructor with Mantak Chia and a Somatic/Holistic Counsellor with Turiya and Rafia in “Working with People: A psychology of Awakening“ and “Relationship Counseling”. She has a strong dedication to create and hold sacred space for others to touch the depth of our Being and cultivate heart-centered connections. Christine is very passionate about supporting her students in the art of living and embodying yoga, authenticity, joy, and truth.

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Yoga & Breathwork


Mindfulness & Meditation


Rituals & Dance

Food & Beverage

Healthy Food & Juices


Quinta Da Calma opened its doors over 35 years ago as one of the first ever yoga and holistic health retreats in Europe.