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I was a Manhattan girl. I loved the hustle and bustle of New York’s streets and the skyscraper views. It wasn’t until 2010 that I was introduced to a different perspective on life, body and mind. I had heard about a Primordial Voice Meditation being held at the Meditation Center in midtown Manhattan. I stepped into that first meditation not knowing a single thing about the practice, and I definitely didn’t know anything about yoga. Some of my friends from my meditation group took yoga classes. I had always been curious about the movement, the oms, everything really, but I was too shy to try. In 2015, at one of my gym sessions, I had just finished an aerobics class and noticed a girl on the floor contorting in these strange stretch-like poses. That same day, I found myself Googling yoga poses, and my first ever attempt at a pose was Pigeon. I liked these stretches so much that I incorporated poses into my workouts, and it really helped me not only relax but to build overall strength and to help my muscle recovery as well. In 2015, I moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, and after four months I signed up for a new gym membership… and yes, it included yoga! As soon as my feet hit the mat, I knew I was destined to become a yoga instructor. I even told my husband, to which he encourages me to take more classes just to be sure. After almost three years of consistent yoga practice, I took emersion classes and graduated as a certified yoga instructor. Now, I teach every single class with passion, creativity, and encouragement. All my classes have a focus, whether it be chakra balancing, shoulder, hip, or lower back, and more. All students are encouraged to try their best with respect and without judgment. I hope to ignite inner strength, centre mind and soul, and build self-confidence with every pose.

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Agni Vinyasa Antigravity / Aerial Ashtanga
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Mysore Style Ashtanga
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