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I started my yoga practice at a studio in Takoma Park, MD as an undergrad student at University of Maryland. I was intriqued because it was physically challenging but I could kind of do it. I was out of shape having been a ballet dancer, skiier, and horseback rider in my childhood and young teens then more inactive in my late teens and early 20s. I dabbled in the yoga on and off for many years always feeling a deep sense of calm and empowerment in my body when I dedicated time to go to the studio to practice. My teachers moved slowly and focused on basic Hatha postures and breathing techniques. Then in 2010 the Gulf Oil Spill hit where I lived in FL. I am 30, just bought a house, and am about to have a complete emotional breakdown. I am an Elementary school teacher, in even worse physical shape than my 20s, borderline obese, bad blood charts, having feminine heath issues, completely stressed out, miserable at my job, and in an abusive relationship. A hot yoga studio opens up in Destin and I start attending classes. I was hooked. The hot yoga was an anchor in a time of madness. Within a year I am attending teacher training. Barkan 200 RYT Summer 2011 Barkan Level 2/3 Vinyasa Fall 2013 After my 200 RYT training in Ft. Lauderdale with Jimmy Barkan I actually had my own little studio for about 7 months. I taught many classes. It was amazing we saw a panther outside the studio one night after class. But during this same time I was also studying for a master's degree in Water and Sustainability. I got distracted and gave up the studio to go live in Panama and teach and build water systems in the jungle for a company named Kalu Yala.

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Barkan Gentle Hatha
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Forrest Nidra Viniyoga
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Anxiety Relief Fatique Reduction Relaxation
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Retreat Workshop Teacher training

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