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At the age of four, we moved to Macau. Thinking about it, I believe this fact would change my life forever. Growing up as a traveller, discovering the world still is one of my favourite things to do today and blesses me with more then one place called home. Growing up in a traditional Portuguese family grounded me with strong values yet didn’t offer big opportunity for a spiritual path. Still I grew up surrounded by incense, Buddhist temples, catholic churches, jesuit priests, fengshui. Macau would be one of the big gifts my parents gave us. The yoga was just meant to be. After dancing for many years, the Ashtanga Yoga practice became my tool to strengthening and purify my body and soul. The journey has been intense and profound. In the spiritual mecca of the yoga, Ubud, I deepened my practice, I expanded my knowledge, I grew internally. Living in a place where spirituality is a lifestyle irrevocably changes us. Who we are becomes clearer and I had to face my deepest hidden fears - a cleaning process which I am so glad I went through. Namaste. Om Swasti Astu. After studying Law at the University of Lisbon and working as a reporter at one of the largest private TV channels in Portugal for over 12 years, Filipa changed her life. She now dedicates herself full-time to yoga, practising, teaching, and writing about everything related to wellbeing and inner growth. It was in Bali that the big change happened. She lived in Ubud – the mecca of yoga – for over 4 years with her family. It was a wonderful experience and it gave her the opportunity to teach at the most recognised yoga centres, such as Radiantly Alive and Taksu. She also participated in various retreats on the Island of the Gods and taught at international yoga festivals, such as the Bali Spirit Festival.

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