Story by: Alyona Lezhava, May. 06, 2019

Inner Fire - Yoga On The Frozen Lake Baikal

Story by: Alyona Lezhava

May. 06, 2019

I was committed to yoga and meditation for years before I found something even bigger than that. ( you can watch the entire video here: youtu.be/mk88KVnem1Q )

I was committed to yoga and meditation for years before I found something even bigger than that. Last winter I discovered the Wim Hof Method of breathing and cold exposure. Needless to say, I was impressed with Wim and all the people who were practicing the method. Even more than that, I got excited about the idea of unlimited human potential. How far can gaining control of our mind take us? So I decided to give it a try and completed the 10-week long Wim Hof method course.

Even though I'm Russian, I used to be afraid of everything cold. Yes, once I jumped into the cold water in the winter to follow the Russian tradition. But it was far from having control over the cold. At the time I started the program, we were staying in Bulgaria with my boyfriend. There in the winter, the temperature in our apartment was going down to 15 degrees Celsius. It was difficult to live in this environment. The morning yoga practices became impossible. So other than learning how to go out of my comfort zone, it was great to learn how I could improve the reaction of my body to the cold and increase the strength of my mind.

Over the course of 10 weeks, I did an amazing transformation. From being afraid of the cold to going all the way to the most beautiful Lake Baikal in Russia in the middle of the winter to jump into the ice water and harnessing the power of my mind by doing this yoga video. Lake Baikal is a very special place. People call it "a place of power" and you can really feel that it radiates special energy. I'm glad I was fortunate enough to experience it in the middle of the winter. In order to get to the place where we filmed this video my boyfriend and I walked on the frozen lake for 18 kilometers the previous day and a couple of kilometers more the same day. It was quite challenging to get there so I was purely focusing on my practice and the experience. I managed to control my body and mind by breathing and visualizing the white stream of energy running through my body. It was around -10 degrees Celcius that morning and the wind was quite strong as well. 

Even though it was just the two of us as far as our eyes could see, I can liken this experience with times when I was dancing my solo performance in front of a thousand people. Right there on the Lake Baikal, I felt the same physical and emotional catharsis.

hope this video will inspire you to find your inner fire!

You can watch it on my YouTube channel Alyona Moves: Inner Fire - Yoga On The Frozen Lake Baikal


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