Story by: Ana Forrest, Apr. 03, 2019


Story by: Ana Forrest

Apr. 03, 2019


Forrest Yoga incorporates the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of humanity, and links them through its 4 core pillars for a more profound and holistic evolution.


It all starts with the ability to connect to, deepen, and ride the breath into your inner wilderness. You develop skill in breathing fresh, healing energy into the areas of your body that are in need.


Tailoring each pose to work for you, specifically with physical and emotional injuries.

Mental focus: changing your habitual neurotic thinking to creative problem solving and learning alert silence.

Learning discernment.

Deliberately integrating your realizations and breakthroughs into your life.


Connecting to the core, building emotional and physical strength as you work at your edges of facing and healing your pain, as well as vision questing into the Mystery.


Learning to find your Spirit, connect to your Spirit, and take the actions that strengthen that connection. When we first begin to quest for spirit, we meet the yawning terror of recognizing that we are bereft of Spirit.

If connecting to Spirit feels unreachable, the first step is connecting to heart.

Put out a heartfelt call to guide your Spirit home, then take actions that entice your Spirit back into your body.

Recognize what actions drive your Spirit away. For example: drinking and doing drugs, lying, betraying another, gossiping. When we filth ourselves, our Spirit leaves.

Make the warrior’s choice to live as your Spirit most deeply desires.

Forrest Yoga offers an extensive career path that will take you as far as you want to go. For more information, visit the Forrest Yoga website www.forrestyoga.com.

Forrest Yoga events are offered throughout the year and across the globe. To find a Forrest Yoga Teacher Training or event, see the Forrest Yoga Website: forrestyoga.com.

To do your part in Healing the Hoop of the People, start with yourself.

Your personal transformation reshapes the cosmos.