Story by: Jozijn Hogendoorn, May. 16, 2019

Yoga studio WISH collects old yoga mats for recycling

Story by: Jozijn Hogendoorn

May. 16, 2019

Heart for yoga, heart for the world

Yoga studio WISH from Vught, The Netherlands, is actively collecting old yoga mats so that they can be recycled. The yoga mats that are often made of PVC, natural rubber or plastic would be a burden on the environment as waste. WISH has the mats recycled into new basic material. To reinforce that mission, it gives a premium to anyone who submits a mat: they receive a 15% discount on a new mat or a free yoga class.

Yoga is very popular and that popularity is still rising. In the Netherlands it is even the fastest growing sport. The market for yoga articles is also growing. Many of the people who practice yoga soon also want their own yoga mat. The choice is huge: from simple mats from the wholesaler to luxury mats offered by celebrities. But the mats have one thing in common: they all wear out. You just jump through it. And regardless of whether a mat is made of plastic or Oeko-Tex or any other beautiful material: it is harmful to the environment when thrown away.

WISH saw this problem and went looking for a party that could make the material from the old mats reusable. It was found. Jozijn Hogendoorn of WISH: “They can recycle all yoga mats into a basic product, from which new mats will be made. To be able to do that eco-friendly too, it is important that we can supply large quantities of mats. That is why we give a premium on the return. Those who take the trouble to hand in the old mat at Taalstraat 64 in Vught receive a free lesson or 15% discount on a new mat.

Attention to yourself and attention to the environment fit very well together. WISH shows that again with this remarkable collection.


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